The Best Fashionable And Luxurious Balenciaga Replica Handbags

Before I put any letter on my blog, I try to find something unique to write about. I love designer Balenciaga Replica Handbags, jewelries and small accessories. I think we (most girls), are the same too. If we buy something and especially when it is expensive, we better go for the item we LIKE or really LOVE and that’s different. That’s exactly what I consistently look for.

Balenciaga Replica Handbags

What every girl needs is about: Cosmetic Replica Prada Bags, agenda’s, fine jewelries, wallets, coin purses, card holder and phone cases. These are small items, BUT they contribute a lot to our fashion. These are things that every girl should have. Louis Vuitton have great designed and they are famous for their monogram and canvas designs. I was looking for something that stand out and found this Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch that was VERY VERY cute.

The cosmetic pouch comes is available in 6 colors. With a size of 6 x 12 x 17cm it fit perfectly in my handbag. Unless you want to take your whole cosmetics with you, this bag is petite enough for all your our primary needs. A very simple design, but given with gorgeous colors to choose with. It’s made of refined epi leather and somehow makes the color even more shiny. And like always, elegant and chic style.

Colors from top left to right: Carmine, Citron (FAVORITE), Cyan, Fuchsia, Indigo and Noir Electric (FAVORITE).